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Current Safety Protocols

Dear Grace Presbyterian Church,

As you may have recently heard, the CDC Guidelines have been updated to say that fully vaccinated people can resume normal living without masks indoors, outdoors, and without social distancing. GPC’s session has prayerfully and thoughtfully attempted to navigate the pandemic and we are grateful for your patience and trust.  Masks will be optional for folks during worship and in our ministry events. We have done our best to serve and lead you well, taking into consideration CDC guidelines and local leadership in our community. We feel like this is the right next step as we continue to come out of this disruptive year.

One of the things I have been grateful for during this time is that our leaders at Grace have encouraged everyone to be gracious to one another during this experience. Our intention has been to lead in such a way that we are loving one another and those in our community sincerely. We have also sought to lead in a way that reflects Jesus’ words in Luke 9 where he says, “For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.” Some of us will make the choice to not wear a mask and others of us will choose to continue to wear masks. We would encourage you to continue to be gracious and loving to one another as each person makes this decision for themselves. Whatever decision you make, your pastors and elders support you and we very much look forward to this next season of ministry together.

If you would like to discuss any of this, please reach out to us. I am proud of how our church has been able to whether this experience and that the Spirit has sustained us through it all.

With hope and affection,

The Session of Grace Presbyterian Church

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