Meeting on Saturday evening at the WoodsEdge Community Church through June. Announcements & Safety Precautions

Facility Updates


2021.07.11: First worship service back on our campus!  We anticipate being able to have our first in-preson worship service in our sancutary since February 7th. On February 14th, we had cancelled worship due to inclimate weather. Our facility was flooded the following week and we have not been able to hold any meetings ever since. Please pray that the details and logistics of being able to be back at Grace Presbyterian Church come together over the next 2 months so that we can celebrate together. We hope you can join us!

2021.05.12: Offices tomorrow! We are excited to update you on the progress of our campus! We will begin moving in the office today and should be operational on Monday, May 17th. We anticipate being back in our sanctuary on July 11th and we hope to see you there. We will only be offering a streaming worship service on July 4th which can be found here.

2021.04.30: Flooring in Offices and Education Building. We are now anticiapting that the eductaion building is only a few weeks away from being open!

2021.04.28: Church Restoration Project Team Meeting

2021.03.09: Contractors have begun their work. We are hoping to be back in the education building and offices by mid-April. Sancutary restoration estimate: June 2021.

2021.03.08: ServPro has completed their work and we are ready to begin rebuilding.

2021.03.03: Church Restoration Project Team Meeting

2021.02.24: Church Restoration Project Team Meeting.

2021.02.22: Lots of meetings!  We have lots of meetings scheduled with contractors for our building in the next few days. Please pray for us and that the Lord would direct our steps. Give thanks for all the good things He has provided for Grace and our mission.

2021.02.21: Equipment in place to start drying out the building! Please do not go inside during this phase of the resotration process.

2021.02.20: Today we will be meeting for worship at the WoodsEdge Community Church at 6:00pm. We hope to see you there. Click here for the live stream.

2021.02.19: We will post another update on Monday. Currently, we are trying to prevent any further damage from taking place to our facility. Today we are meeting at 10:00am to move furntiure and other items to the second floor so that we can begin the process of drying out the building. We will post more information as it is available.

2021.02.19 Equipment Arrives– Image 1 of 6


2021.02.18– Image 1 of 11

2021.02.17: Day 1.

2021.02.17 Day 1– Image 1 of 57

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