Adult Education Classes

New six-week adult Sunday morning classes begin this week.

Two new classes feature topics that help us examine how well we experience the gospel in all of life. Join us for fellowship and discussion as we get to know our Lord better.

Good News for Anxious Christians
David Fox

“Do not be anxious about anything,” says Scripture (Phil 4:6), but sometimes trying to live the Christian life seems to add one more layer of anxiety. Theological distortions that are prevalent today insist on techniques and practical ideas that spirituality, but instead deliver greater anxiety. David Fox invites us to consider how such distortions may be impacting our lives, so that we can refocus on the truth of the gospel.

Connecting Your Endeavors to the Gospel
Rob McIntosh

Why is work so hard? The easy answer is: work … is work. We long for success, to make a difference, to be remembered. Yet in a fallen world, our best efforts often result in the same thorns and thistles Adam was cursed to produce. A better question might be, why do we work? Join Rob in this series about our endeavors and motivations, and what God truly desires and accomplishes from our efforts.

9:30 a.m. on Sundays, upstairs in the Youth Room of the educational wing.