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Classes and Videos

Adult Education Classes

Classes will be held in-person at church and sometimes over livestream. Join us as we encourage each other in fellowship, discussion, and Bible study. Check the events calendar for dates, times, and more information or the announcements page. Look down this page for past live streams and other classes.

Online Intro to Grace Class

We have put together an online Intro to Grace class for you to watch whenever you would like. Once you have watched these, you can fill out a membership application and we will set up a meeting with you.

The Ascension: Spring 2022

Living in Light of the Ascension: If you're like most of us, you think of Christ's ascension into heaven once a most. Further, if/when you do, you're likely to think of it "as little more than a dazzling exclamation point for the resurrection." (M. Horton). However, the ascension was a significant event in its own right in the earthly life of Christ, and neglecting it and the era it ushered in comes at the expense of great comfort and assurance in our everyday lives. Come join Dan in-person or virtually as we look to elevate the ascension in our minds, by examining previews in the Old Testament, the ascension narratives in the New Testament, and why the Epistle writers made so much of it. When we are through, we hope you, too, will want to do the same.

The Church: Fall 2021

In this 6 week course, we discuss and think through what it means to be part of Grace Presbyterian Church. We discuss the vows we take as members of the church. Pastors and elders are teaching this course.


Racial Brokenness in America and our Gospel Response: 

  • Part 1: Zoom Conference Discussion: This is a zoom video conference discussion about racial brokenness from some of our leaders in the Presbyterian Church in America.
  • Part 2: Racial Brokenness in America and Our Gospel Response “A Time to Listen Black Voices Speak”
  • Part 3:  Racial Brokenness A Time to Listen: Resources from the Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation Report
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